Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Part Chimp : I Am Come / Rating 7.9

most just go from loud to louder

Unwound through blown out speakers. Lightning Bolt had they been on Gravity records in the mid 90’s. The Melvins if they called Dischord their bitch.

Holy fuck I love this noisy powerhouse.

PFM namedrops:
Mogwai – Mogwai didn’t invent the quiet/loud dynamic but my guess is since this record is on Mogwai’s label connecting the two bands is an easy mark.

Stooges – There is quite a bit of super fuzz big muff activity. Other reviews have tried to tag I am Come as a grunge record.

Black Sabbath – I have read several reviews that mention BS and my ears miss totally this taste test comparison. Both bands are heavy and their rock goes from 0 to 60 in seconds flat but I also see their label mentions Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth as a point of reference in the band’s bio so the mystery is solved.

Pavement – If Pavement had been a metal band I wonder if this is what they would have sounded like. “30 Billion People” perfectly answers this what if question with maybe a few classic Swervedriver minor chords channeled through the body of Karp.

A 7.9 rating is acceptable but considering how much time this cd has spent in my stereo since it came in the mail my at home rating passes out shy of a 9.