Monday, November 14, 2005

TFM notes from the weekend

*Akron/Family December U.S. Tour
Fri 12/2/05 Bard College MPR Annandale-On-Hudson, NY
Sat 12/3/05 Lunt Basement at Haverford College Haverford, PA
Sun 12/4/05 Smith College Northampton, MA
Mon 12/5/05 AS 220 Art Space Providence, RI
Tue 12/6/05 PA's Lounge Somerville, MA (Boston)
Wed 12/7/05 SUNY Purchase Student Bldg Purchase, NY
Thu 12/8/05 Iota Cafe Arlington, VA (Washington DC)
Fri 12/9/05 The Khyber Philadelphia, PA
Sat 12/10/05 Tonic New York, NYS
un 12/11/05 Bar Nightclub New Haven, CT

* Check out this new Frenchkiss band:
-The Plastic Constellations album, entitled Crusades, will be out on January 24th, 2006. Check out a new track called Sancho Panza, be sure to check out their site and old MP3s here. They will be on tour in November, playing a few shows with Murder By Death in the midwest.

* From Secretly Canadian: New Danielson Singles, Full-length and Documentary in 2006

In case you haven't heard, 2006 will be the year of Danielson. The mammoth new Secretly Canadian full-length by the Southern New Jersey enclave, entitled "Ships" (produced by Danielson chieftain Daniel Smith), is being released May 9. Prior to its release, in March, three unique 7" singles will be released simultaneously on Anticon (with a song performed and produced by Why? and an album track remix by Christiaan Palladino), Kill Rock Stars (with two songs produced by Kramer) and Sounds Familyre (two songs recorded with Steve Albini). These singles will include non-album tracks and a remix. In contrast to the Br. Danielson album "Brother Is to Son" from last year, the songs on "Ships" are not solo songs, nor are they recorded without the help of his Famile. "Ships" is pure Danielson, created with the help of no less than 34 of Smith's closest friends and family members.

1. Daniel Smith- Danielson
2. Andrew Smith- the Famile
3. David Smith- the Famile
4. Megan Slaboda- the Famile
5. Rachel Galloway- the Famile
6. Elin Smith- the Famile
7. Christiaan Palladino- the Famile
8. Melissa Palladino- the Famile
9. Lenny Smith- the Famile
10. Lilly Smith- the Famile
11. Ida Smith- the Famile
12. Jedidiah Slaboda- the Famile
13. Ted Velykis- The Ladytron / Leopulde
14. John Ringhofer- Half-handed Cloud
15. Greg Saunier- Deerhoof
16. John Dieterich- Deerhoof
17. Satomi Matsuzaki- Deerhoof
18. Chris Cohen- Deerhoof
19. Sufjan Stevens
20. Josiah Wolf- Why?
21. Yoni Wolf- Why?
22. Doug McDiarmid- Why?
23. Matt Meldon- Why?
24. Brian and Amy- Miner Street
25. Emil Nikolaisen- Serena Maneesh
26. Tom Eaton- Goodeaton
27. Steve and Dave- Gradwell
28. Alan Douches- West Westside
29. Ben Swanson- Secretly Canadian
30. Darin Gray- Grand Ulena / Brice Glace / Dazzling Killmen
31. Kramer- Bongwater / B.A.L.L.
32. Steve Albini - Shellac
33. Edith Frost
34. Jon Galloway- Soul-Junk

Also on the horizon for 2006 will be the release of the feature-length Danielson documentary. Directed by JL Aronson over the course of the last 5 years, "Danielson: a Family movie (or, Make a Joyful Noise HERE)" will also make its premiere on the cinematic circuit in early 2006.

* BBC interview and performance w/ Vashti Bunyon

* In studio performances @ Minnesota Public Radio w/ Magic Numbers, Mugison, Broadcast and more.

* Check out the The Brunettes, a band from New Zealand and newly signed to Sub Pop.

* Hooray...Bound Stems on Flame Shovel is finally out this week!!!