Wednesday, November 09, 2005

AFX / Hangable Auto Bulb / Rating 8.9

That tension, between the otherworldly yet effortlessly tuneful melodies purring along beneath drums that constantly struggle to frame them, is what the ensuing era of James' music is all about, and Hangable Auto Bulb is a hell of an intro.

PFM's Mark Richardson is one of the few writers who cover a genre (electronic music) that I tend to consistently trust and agree with. The truth is I am not enough of a serious electronic music fan to comfortably review / combat the non-indietronica titles anyhow but for what it's worth I concur with the 8.9 rating.

AFX Hangable Auto Bulb is a remarkable cd to me but specifically for these two reasons.

1) Ten years after its original limited release as two separate EPs the music doesn't sound shamefully dated. The impressive thing about being a pioneer to a genre is working 5 to 10 years ahead of the curve makes your releases 5 to 10 years later sound relatively fresh and now.

2) Where was I in 1995? Ten years ago I was coming out of my post hardcore coma and learning phrases like drum and bass, jungle, house, and trance for the first time. My just above average knowledge of electronic music in addition to my basic understanding of how to make it is still shameful when placed in a time line against the music found on this cd. I am just now wrapping my head around how superior and advanced Richard D. James' talent really was/is.

I am a fan of AFX and Hangable Auto Bulb but I am certain this cd deserves to be in better hands then my own. Be the first to post a comment about wanting it and the cd will be yours. After posting the first comment email me your name and address at .

I will mail it to you by the end of this week for free. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!