Friday, November 04, 2005

Test Icicles / For Screening Purposes Only / Rating 8.1

train hard and eat a big pasta dinner before hitting the parquet

Here we go again. This is a review of the import and the American version which will remain on Domino isn't coming out until 2006. As far as I know it doesn't even have an actual street date yet beyond sometime next year.

In the meantime we have a cd single and 7" for Boa vs Python with three other tracks, also on Domino.

Half the music blog out there are already loving this band and discussing how brilliant or stupid the band name is. Next.

Live The Faint have more of a sandpaper volatile edge but on record it never really happened. Test Icicles shove some other influences in there AKA circle pit material with a metallic hate-core twist but I also hear The Faint I had always hoped for.

NME has a news story on this band just about every other day meaning this band has already broken in a big way over seas.

PFM says: "For development's sake, the band ought to call Frenchkiss, which has this kind of slanted and chanted dance-punk all but vertically integrated"

That little band Franz Ferdinand that Domino broke a few years back pre-major label jump didn't have any of that dance-punk baked into their angular rock goodness. Also if PFM is going to review an import from England then they should consider the UK roster which varies from the American line up.

ps: Speaking of Frenchkiss, I am digging the new Tangiers cd. Go Canada.

pps. If I didn't know better I would say Frenchkiss either owns or is dating a key staff member at PFM. Actually maybe this all stems from Pitchfork's hard on for all that is Les Savy Fav.

It's pointless to point out that imports of bigger profile records aren't suppose to ship to the States when the cd is eventually coming out domestically but it is going to happen any way. I guess all I can do here is tell those of you who can afford to shell out the $ for an import that this time the money will be well spent. Behind the Test Icicles grade school humor word play and 77' punk attitude is a band that is genuinely too good to pass up.