Friday, November 25, 2005

TRALALA / falala-la-la.../ Tralala Records

Red = hot Mustard = luke warm Blue = leaves me cold

Ever wonder what happened to the hot popular girls who won your senior year talent show because they were popular but not all that talented?

They moved to NYC and joined

TRALALA'S backbone is made up of three fellas (drums, guitar, bass) and up front and center are 4 very attractive female vocalists who offer a taste of femininity served with a well-dressed edge.

15 years ago this band would have won Sassy band alert and I’m not just saying that because of the obvious cute girl ratio. Bass player Marty Key is indie rock’s most eligible bachelor and can drink you under the table. If that wasn’t enough one of the owners of NYC’s elite record store Other Music is also a member.

This seasonal recording falala-la-la…with TRALALA follows up their S/T debut and carries more of the same ode to 50’s girl groups like the Shangri-Las minus the stellar vocal talent and Wall of Sound artistry.

“Christmas Never Comes (When You’re Alone) takes on a flat “Leader of the Pack” via sleigh bells. “Holiday Hearts” skips three decades ahead to something K Records would approve of minus the out of place guitar solo and “Everybody Christmastime” after enough eggnog might make you want to watusi or froog.

One would think 4 unique voices could really accomplish something special and dynamic but Tralala’s vocals don’t even match the impact of having one superb singer. This is where it becomes very apparent you are meant to see this band play in person not just hear them.

For those of you who collect Christmas records this cd ep will make a fine addition to your collection but otherwise the value of this recording doesn’t make it far beyond kitsch. I’m okay with novelty over quality; I like eye candy as much as the next but the best way to take in this band is to see them live. Their humor and attitude translates nicely on stage but minus the visuals their charm melts away to watered down fun.

Ho Ho Humdrum.