Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Angels of Light & Akron/Family / Akron/ Family & Angels of Light / Rating 8.0

hyperkinetic mini-opera

The question isn’t what does this record sound like; it’s what doesn’t it sounds like:

Neutral Milk Hotel, The Band, Devandra, Pink Floyd, Byrds, The Dead, ZZ Top, Beatles, Beach Boys, Allman Brothers, My Morning Jacket, Steely Dan, Unwound, Animal Collective, Radiohead, Smog, Flaming Lips, Beefheart, and the Kinks to name a few. These are all bands mentioned in various Angels / Akron reviews and the scary thing is I can defend 95% of those RIYLs. This pendulum swing of assorted styles and decades seems unlikely and impossible but no matter how terrifying this list looks, it somehow is accurate.

Not mentioned in the PFM review: This entire record was recorded live in NYC and according to M. Gira “with a few overdubs - mixed and finished in nine 8-hour days.” immediately following an Angels of Light & Akron/Family 2005 tour.

Tracks 1-7 Akron/ Family
No Neck Blues snake charmer spiritualists lullaby then shout hymns for the city mouse while bathtub moonshine Americana is Christmas caroled a few blocks from the L Train. Barebacked joy, these song tickle, stomp, sway, clap, noodle, and koombiya from start to finish.

Tracks 8-12 Angels of Light backed by Akron/ Family.
A Dylan cover (“I Pity the Poor Immigrant”), A deconstructed Swans cover (“Mother/Father” which PFM doesn’t mention), Pastor Michael Gira sets forth his aged wisdom in the form of a sonic folkafied sermon.

If art-gospel with its dedicated hippyster (a friend coined that phrase) following question which church of rock to pray to, Young Gods Records has already built up one hell, I mean heck of a flock and they have a choir worthy of your donations.

The PFM 8.0 rating earns an Amen.