Friday, April 28, 2006

Yo La Tengo / Is Murdering the Classics / Egon 2006 / Rating: 4.1

“…as I love Yo La Tengo, WFMU (possibly the greatest radio station in existence, by the way), and the general idea, it's difficult to give this a genuine recommendation. Instead, save your money for next year's WFMU fundraiser: Tune in, make a pledge, request a song, and brace yourself. It's for a good cause.”

Here! Here! (and thank you JT for being one of the few PFM writers to mention artwork in your review and getting the rating right.)

I can’t remember the last time I read such a straight forward / down to earth (sorry to use two clichés at once) Pitchfork review no less posi- pitching something like a particular radio station; even if it is one of the best commercial free stations in the world.

And how about that hyperlink to WFMU included in said PFM review? Has Pitchfork ever run one of those in a record review before? I ask because in all my years of reading their site I don’t recollect a one.

Joe Tangari just got himself a Tuningfork get out of jail free card and I am not just saying that because I am an ex-Jerseyite / Hobokener.

It took nearly two years to get all these songs cleared for licensing so I give the band credit for taking that kind of time and energy only to officially release something they warn their fans to “buy at your own risk” and that “no returns” will be given. This once WFMU pledge drive only gift/cd from 2004 is now available for your listening (dis)pleasure. Only serious fans (of YLT or FMU) need to apply.

I could be wrong but it appears that only a few places carry this "special" collection like Amp Camp or the