Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Built to Spill / You in Reverse / Rating: 6.8

"Aside from its abundance of overlong songs, You in Reverse is marred by a lack of strong melody when compared to Built to Spill's other records"

Dear Dug Martsch,

It is with great difficulty that I make this public announcement. I have decided to step down from the esteemed position of number one BTS fan. I loved your first band Treepeople deeply (you know it’s true as I moved from NJ to Seattle just for the privilege of selling your C/Z records to the masses.) and I loved Built To Spill’s first 4 records but this hour long bong hit of a new record is the final straw.

I don’t mind long songs but even the shorter tracks (the 5 minute + ones) drag on for what sounds like an eternity. I’m sorry but there isn’t enough pot in the world to make this material move me and as a non pot smoker your new direction of jam band bores the hell out of me. Ironically "goin' against your mind" may be the longest song on You in Reverse but it is the only song that keeps the listener locked in and moving at an enjoyable pace while songs like "traces" remind me of those klunky Treepeople ballads I would fast forward through to get to the next rocker.

What happened to that witty pop genius who knew how to get to the heart of a hook in under 3 minutes? Pitchfork might approve of this crawling stage towards a new musical direction but I have chosen not to celebrate your clumsy baby steps.

It’s thrilling to see our old friend Mike Scheer at the cover art helm again and I have been in awe of Scott’s drumming from all the way back to his Spinanes’ days but none of this translates into me wanting to ever listen to You In Reverse again no less see you live again and risk hearing your 8 minute songs extended into 25 minutes or longer.

The PFM rating of 6.8 is nearly double what I would have given you but regardless of what I think your record appears to be selling like crazy all over this country of ours so what do I know? Your new fans can fight over the now available number one fan position and I will instead focus my attention towards that Danish group Figurines.

Your Friend,
Pitch Perfect

PS: Why did Audio Elchemy run your vocals through some kind of effect thingy that makes you sound like a kid singing into a fan on nearly every single song? That poor production choice (cave-like reverb?) really detracts from the power of your once potent voice.

PPS: May Pat rest in peace.