Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wait for the Blackout

...to end that is. Mlle. Pitchperfect informs me that her place of work is currently free of electrical current. Until she can find a location with voltage and free wi-fi, she'll be a little delayed in posting.

In the meanwhile, I will simply recommend some CDs that haven't made it to PFM (stereotypical grousing about street dates vs. review dates to follow) -

  • Silver EP - Jesu: The rumors are true. More shoegazey, more varied than the self-titled debut. That's two thumbs up from the Tuningforkistas.
  • Veneer - Jose Gonzalez: This has been out as an import since last year and on this side of the pond since the beginning of the month. Smart singer/songwriter folk with virtuoso guitar playing.
  • Wildfire On The Lake - Lying In States: Out since March, this post-grunge guitar extravaganza manages to be complex yet moving at the same time.

All three of these are making my computer at work very happy.