Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feist / Open Season / Rating: 6.6

"Open Season, a generous 15-track collection of remixes, reworkings, and collaborations released in Canada via Arts & Crafts."

Color me confused. The cd PFM reviewed yesterday is an import but I have found conflicting info about an American release date / version.

One website says this:

Feist remix LP and updates
March 24th, 2006

Leslie Feist will be releasing 'Open Season', a remix and live album on April 17th through EMI. The kicker is that to those outside her home country of Canada is this: The album is only being released in Canada.

Then the Feist website says this:

Open Season (remixes and collaborations) debuts at #2 on Canadian Itunes! Get your advance copy of the bangers and rarities www.itunes.comAvailable in Canada on April 25th, France, Switzerland and Belgium on May 2nd...US, German, Austrian and Swedish release to be announced shortly.

Anybody know what the real deal is with this record state side?