Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jesu / Silver EP / Hydra Head / April 11th

A friend who I now owe my soul to was kind enough to give me the new Jesu EP on Hydra Head. I had intended to finish this Loose Fur review today, really I did, but my brain refuses to think about anything accept singing the praises of Jesu; a band I already worship and ranked at the top of my favorite records of 2005 list.

If there was any question as to how this EP could possibly out do the S/T full length let me be the first to tell you that this is the perfect companion piece. I've had the chance to play this twice since it was placed in my hands over lunch a few hours ago but my initial reaction is this will be my favorite record of 2006. More vocal heavy and actually closer to traditional rock song writing / structure than ever before (despite the long length of each track being 6 minutes + ), Jesu is one step closer to crossing over into a commercial sound without losing any of it's original doom and gloom integrity.

Swervedriver armed with a coat of armor and a drum machine, Jesu has modified and mastered a form of shoegaze that will redefine this genre and bring it to a mountainous peak.

You don't just want these four new Jesu tracks, you NEED them.