Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Torche / Live / Nanci Raygun, Richmond, VA / April 4

This is what happens, I go to a show which in turn gets me to bed late and the end result is a too tired me who can't get up early enough to post a review of a PFM record review. A Loose Fur review is on the chopping block for later today but in the meantime here are the things I thought about as Torche played last night:

*THIS is why Torche was one of my favorite live bands of last year.
*This is what The Melvins (early melvins) would sound like with Dave Grohl on drums
*Why isn't this band the next big metal band replacing say... Mastodon who have outgrown that position in all that is heavy ranks?
*Note to self: listen to all my old Soundgarden records tomorrow AKA today
*Heavy guitar harmonics will always remind me of Drve like Jehu, especially live.
* Tad
* Saint Vitus
*This venue has fuse issues so the power cut on half the stage every other song. While this runied the flow of their performance, you can't keep a good band down.
* Not one guitar pedal as far as the eye could see. I love a no pedal band.
* Torche needs to be on a bigger metal label. I like Robotic Empire a whole lot but Torche has outgrown them and deserve to be playing to hundreds if not thousands, not 50+ a night.
* Their music recorded does not to their heaviness justice.

They are on tour w/ The Sword (who I watched for three songs and left during their set. Their brand of stoner thrash doesn't quite do it for me but they are great players) so if you like the metal, try to catch this bill.

ps: I missed the other two bands on the bill. I hate shows that start at 7pm.