Monday, October 31, 2005

Random Stuff

I've been meaning to post this for ages but I get easily sidetracked, sorry.

***This comes from Dntel's my space page AKA Jimmy from Postal Service:
Saturday, September 10, 2005

hello again,oh before i begin, the postal service website is up: www.postalservicemusic.neti got a url for dntel but haven't worked on it yet. so the new dntel record is finally getting close to finished. if the last couple vocalists come through i think i could finish in the next couple months. it'll be called Dumb Luck and i have some paintings i had some chimpanzees paint which will probably make their way into the artwork. i think it will include 9 songs, all with vocals by different singers including me, andrew broder, jenny lewis, conor oberst, valerie trebeljahr and markus acher, and mia doi todd. there'll be a couple more singers but i don't want to say anything until i actually have their parts recorded.i'm also finishing up a James Figurine record (the working title is Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake but still not sure) which is sort of poppy techno stuff with some vocals (mostly by me). John Tejada's been helping me out with that one, mixing and adding sounds and stuff. i think david figurine will be providing the artwork and maybe some sounds and meredith figurine should be contributing some vocals, although she just moved to canada so we'll see if i can find her in time.there are also some other little things coming out: a dntel 7" on AIM records, a dntel instrumental on The Sound of LA comp from plug research, a James Figurine remix of Goldmine Gutted by Bright Eyes, a dntel remix of Merge by Grizzly Bear, and a Postal Service remix of Mushaboom by Feist. hmm i think that's it maybe. i feel like i'm forgetting something but i guess i can post another message here if i think of it...

***A friend tipped me off to this little bit:
Menomena "Under an Hour" is a soundtrack to modern dance. Menomena wrote and recorded 3 tracks for 3 modern dance pieces in conjunction with the T:BA Arts Festival 2004, Portland Oregon. Ships November 8 2005.

***From the Jagjaguwar site :
WILDERNESS are remaining extremely active, with shows throughout the east coast and the midwest in the next few months. Highlights include shows with CERBERUS SHOAL and EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. Also, Wilderness are just now putting finishing touches on the second full-length album, not-yet-titled, to come out on Jagjaguwar in late spring. Being completed at Silver Sonya, Will Goode of Wilderness has reported the process so far has been "magical". Expect a full North American tour (as well as European tour) in proximity to its release date.

***Who are Head Wound City and why should I care?
Jordan does the singing. (blood brothers)
Gabe plays drums. (locust)
Cody does guitar stuff. (blood brothers)
So does Nick. (yeah yeah yeahs )
JP plays bass. ( Locust)Most everybody sings along.

An EP ( 7 songs = approx. 10 minutes) by this superstar side-project band will be coming out on Three Once G. Slated for November 8th.

***If you were wondering what Mark Robinson, Mr. Teen Beat himself was up to too:

Mmmm... Pop Musik
A brand new radio show hosted by DJ Mark Robinson.
New Wave and New Romantic, Punk and Rock and Roll.
From Altered Images to Zick Zack.

This hour-long program airs every Friday night at midnight (offically Saturday morning)
in the Boston area on WMBR 88.1 FM.

But wait! -- you say, Friday nights at midnight??!
1. out partying heartily.
2. I'm in bed by 9.
3. hey, I live in Saskatchewan!
Through the magic of modern technology you can listed to 'Mmm Pop Musik'
anytime and/or anywhere your heart desires.

*** I can hardly wait for the John Yoko 7" to hit American soil in December. This band combines the talented forces of Valerie from Lali Puna and Markus of Notwist. You can check it out here.

*** Posted today on FatCat's website:
Animal Collective fans should go check out the BBC Collective website, which has recently posted a filmed interview with the band, as well as a feature, and live footage of two tracks - 'Banshee Beat' and a new song that they've incorrectly titled as 'The Purple Bottle'. Both tracks and interview were filmed at last week's amazing sell-out show at London Scala. Head for the 'music section' of the site and you'll find it all.Whilst they were in London, the band also recorded a 'One World' session for BBC Radio One. The session will be aired tomorrow evening - November 1st - on Huw Stephens' show, and features 4 tracks - a radical reworking of Good Lovin Outside, from the 'Sung Tongs' album, plus three brand new tracks. The show goes out at 11:00 pm, on 97 - 99 FM.

*** I can't stop telling people how much I love this band. Bound Stems prove you don't need a kagillion members to sound like Broken Social Scene. I am going to let you in on a secret, I like this band better.

*** and one more thing, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!