Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here is a bunch of random stuff I don't where else to post. Sharing is caring.

Its been a busy week and this next week is jam packed with more shows. Last week was Khanate, Now Sleepyhead, Bell Rays / Warlocks, tonight : New Pornographers, Monday : CYHSY, Wed : Boris...I feel like I might be forgetting something.

Anyhow my goal is to still post a review a day but I don't want to make any promises I can't keep. All I'm saying is I am going to try my best. Maybe you handsome and charming other TFM writers might be willing to sneak one or two up for me??? Purdy please?

*For all you Boston types Stephen Brodsky of Cave In fame just got his permit to play the T stations so keep an eye out for him and request "Stolen Echoes" for me. I can't imagine PFM will review their new cd but Perfect Pitch Black is out now and sounds like a tender balance between the wicked (insert Boston accent here) old school metalic haaaaadcaw classic Cave In and the new school prog rock loving seven minute plus song writing Cave In.

*Efterklang makes me weak in the knees and their song "Step Aside" makes singing to glitch possible. Sweet.

* A Bjork white label 12” of "Who Is This" backed with "Where is the Line in You" is sure to clear the weak from a room but those who remain will gleefully buy you drinks all night out of respect for the daring display of gorgeous noise.

* I am still making way thru this collection of comics about the punk/harcore/metal/hipster bands (my old lady eyes curse the small print) but so far so good! Brian Walsby - Manchild : A Celebration of Twenty Years of Doodles.

* Thank you Mojo for turning me onto these two artists and their Mojo mix cd this issue makes for a fine driving companion.

I am a sucker for French pop. Benjamin Biolay is pretty, smokes, and Serge Gainsbourg might be collecting some sort of tax from this kid biting his style.(He also might be able to play a young Nick Cave stunt double) His songs make me think dirty things even if I have no idea what he is singing about. Oh la la.

While I am on this French thing, Coralie Clement happens to sing on Biolay’s cd but for all you yeah yeah girl fans, this is breathy sexy goodness all wrapped up in a pretty French girl package. I wonder if she gets dizzy singing like that? It makes me dizzy (in a good way) just listening to it)

*Breaking news: The Japanese trio Boris and everyone's favorite drone Gods Sunno))) will be collaborating / recording together in Seattle. This super-group will very likely also feature Dylan from Earth and possibly a very surprising vocal guest or two . The record will be part of the Southern Lord catalog in the first part of 2006.

* Rakes – Retreat – Dim Mak : I know PFM doesn’t like them much but there are quite a few songs from Retreat I find myself playing more than once a day . "Something Clicked" has a very borrowed riff from Joy Division's "Warsaw" and their drummer must take lessons from Franz but there is something catchy as heck about this new EP regardless. I know I should be over this angular Brit thing but what can I say, we all have our guilty pleasures.

* Vive le Calvin Johnson!!! Love him or hate him, the man stays true to his off key Lee Hazlewood lovin' cause. Before the Dream Faded (new solo record) carries the classic Calvinism of cuddle-core spooning with soft-core porn. "Rabbit Blood" has earned its place in my top ten CJ songs of all time, nestled somewhere between favorites like "Fuck Shit Up" and "Bewitched". He is on a massive U.S. tour right now which means I only have a few weeks to come up with the proper post riot grrrl "Rabbit Blood" hop to unveil at his show.

* This ain't new but it's new to me: a fantastic reissue lp by a N.Y. band called Gandalf. Originally released in 1969, if the Zombies dropped massive amounts of acid I am rather certain this is the record they would make. A great interview / background info on the band can be found here.

*Last but not least: Thank you to The Projects (who you might remember is a band I recently discovered and fell madly in love with) for emailing me. I am determined to find a way to host an mp3 for them because YOU NEED TO HEAR THEM!

Happiness is having a record player in every room.

Have a good weekend ya'll.