Monday, October 31, 2005

Bloc Party / Silent Alarm Remixed / Rating 8.0

Weird, right?

This feels like a million years after the fact but what can I say, I don’t get all the records I review for free and I can only afford to buy so many at a time. My second excuse is this: I like but don’t LOVE Bloc Party so the remix record wasn’t on my list to buy at all.

Despite all of these roadblocks “Silent Alarm Remixed” found its way into my home after a more recent trip to the record store and gosh darn it PFM was right.

It isn’t just good, it is REALLY good.

Bloc Party doesn’t need one more review to applaud them but for those of you who didn’t count yourself as a BP fan before, this cd might change your mind too.

Oh yeah...the secret bonus track on this US edition is of "Tulips " by Minotaur Shock.