Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Pornographers 10/15 show at the 9:30 Club in DC

I don't really like doing live reviews but mostly because I know I am not very good at them. Here are some random notes from my night out on the town.

Pre Game show:

SUVs w/ built-in overhead DVD players showcasing porn is distracting to drive behind. Plus with tinted side windows I can’t gawk at those getting their freak on I-95.

We ran into Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at a bar around the corner from the NP show. Rock against rock in pretty white petticoats, hair I’m pretty sure Marilyn Manson would make fun of, and a massive green bus Phish would covet: whatever the exact opposite of NP is, this is it.

The Show:

Mostly 30 somethings bringing it to mostly 30 somethings was a feel good moment that reminded me of the look and reaction kids have at Christmas. The venue was 1300 filled to capacity and every adult looked like they believe in Santa Clause again. (thanks P for that wonderful reference) You don’t have to love the band to appreciate how ridiculously pleased they make their audience feel.

This was the first show since Gang of Four I didn’t feel ancient at. Borderline Gen Xers and Slackers unite!

Lesbians, Redheads, and people over the age of 35 all have a favorite band in common.

Playing guitar above your waste is the new playing guitar below your knee.

Canadian bands must have at least 6 members to really make it big. Pun intended. I blame Superconductor for starting this trend and Carl for continuing it. ( For those who don't know, Superconductor was the band NP's Carl was in back in the early to mid part of the 90's)

Dan Bejar from Destroyer joining NP on stage adds a nice touch of cigarette, beer, and Dean Martin swagger.

NP is a tambourine enthusiasts’ wet dream

Even without my glasses on I could tell from across the room that the woman dancing in the band balcony was Allison from Bratmobile. Oly, Wa. habits circa 1992 die hard. It’s okay to say this cause I am also guilty as charged.

Two encores hardly satiate the audience night after night.

New Pornographer's superstar sound guy is light rocking the AM Gold Hits to the people before and after the show and the people appear to be loving it . Adult contemp fans: if you ask nicely he may be available to DJ special events and parties. ( I watched like 90% of the crowd mouth the words to a Bee Gees song before the show so the AM radio vibe isn't something I am making up but then again NP's music isn't too far off that musical path.)

Neko Case couldn’t be releasing her next record and soon to be touring at a better time. I believe it will be on Anti, you know... the label PFM calls a major.

Is Brooklyn ready for Carl Newman and what will Vancouver do without him? Maybe this NY borough will be willing to trade out one of its many rockers to fill this soon to be Canadian pop gap?

Post show wrap up:

The drive home from DC never gets any easier. Maybe South of the Border could consider starting their billboard campaign a little farther up north? Pedro wants to visit our Nations Capitol, I’m sure of it.

Driving home listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle my favorite songs are the non- stonesdylanbeatleszep ones (Howl *great kettle drum and organ combo* and The Line) and is it just me or does Weight of the World and Sympathetic Noose sound like Turin Breaks' outtakes?

Thank you Magic P for the quality company and sound and Carl for aging better than gracefully.