Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fall / Fall Heads Roll / Rating 7.8

cheesed off at the world

This is bullet point review is written by a special guest. Why did I ask Snooks Badger to write this? First off I could use a little break. Secondly this friend was in one of my favorite bands from back in the day and they remain a highly influential band to all sorts indie types spanning from math metal to post hardcore and emo. Thirdly, some have hinted that his old band carries a similar weight to that of The Fall only they are American, slightly less inebriated and presented rage with more of a sneering clentched teeth approach. Lastly our guest writer has been a fan of The Fall for over 20 years and when I realized I hated the new Fall record, I turned to him for a second opinion.

Personally I wish I owned two more thumbs so I could give Fall Heads Roll 4 thumbs down.

Snooks Badger presents:

The Cons:

  • When I saw the Fall was going to cover "I can hear the grass grow" (60's song from the Move) I was intrigued. When I put the album on I was less intrigued.
  • The Shaggs with their drunk uncle on vocals anyone?
  • I feel like the keyboard has been wired directly into my stereo or maybe my brain because they are so loud.
  • The music is much more direct & one dimensional than I am used to from them.
  • If I continue to listen to it I am afraid I might find something redeeming in it because I am such an admirer of Mark, but really there is little there.
  • Remember the holiday season is fast approaching so the sound of drunk uncles will be widely available.

    The Pros :

  • The band pictures inside the cd packaging are first rate.


My own two cents :

PFM says : "For a band with such a devoted cult following, the Fall are rarely covered by other groups. "

This reviewer needs to check out Country Teasters who manage to take hate and alcohol to whole new levels of politically incorrect spew. The perfect cassette tape : A Side : The Fall / B Side : Country Teasers. Whiskey with beer chasers are a must.