Friday, October 21, 2005

Boards of Canada / The Campfire Headphase / Rating 7.6

There's a reason people bring weed with them on camping trips.

Preface: I used to really like Boards of Canada, every single release up until now.

Boards of Canada could be positioned nicely in small new age kiosks nestled in airports, mega-marts, spas, juice joints, food co-ops, high-end gyms …you get the idea.

It is also very easy to imagine The Campfire Headphase on display with other titles such as:

Meditate Now! : Music to forget you are listing to music to.
Cosmic Lullabies: Chill Out Vol. 1 by DJ Alien Rainstick
Whales sing sunrise; bats sing sunset: A study in sonar accented by acoustic guitars
Koi Records presents: Drum machines blessed by Tibetan Monks (Not to be mistaken for K Records although the label is welcome to take the name if they so happen to start an ambient offshoot division)

If this stationary bike of a record required a kick stand AKA a leg to stand on, track 2 “chromakey dreamcoat” and track 7 “84’ pontiac dream” would be it.

If BOC is lucky and I don’t mean Blue Oyster Cult, perhaps those unfamiliar with the band will mistake them for an actual band from Canada; possibly one of the many Broken Social Scene or Arcade Fire side projects, and buy it.

PFM’s 7.6 rating is very decent of them but as for me I am bored of Canada.