Thursday, October 20, 2005

Joan of Arc - Guitar Duets

"The project would seem stinky-ripe for a haha 'fork-tongued concept review -- quick, get me the top 10 PFM crits ever to give it to Kinsella with a sandpaper Durex-- but seriously, why do we hate this guy again? "

I read this and though "phew, thank God we dodged the concept review." But sadly this was not the case. I am not going to even critique the "concept" of this review, cause honestly i don't know what it is. Its haphazard and nothing more than filling space. If you have nothing to say dont say it. But there is a larger question here, and Marc Hogan poses it himself:
"More to the point: Why does anyone even care?"
Ok i get it. Pitchfork reviewers dont like Kinsella. But why do they care? Why keep going after them? They have reviewed 6 Joan of Arc albums, with none getting over a 5.0. Don't get me wrong; i have not enjoyed any JOA album (except, curiously, this Guitar Duets. It had some moments of real beauty, and was a perfect rainy day driving album), but i don't feel the need to continuously gripe about it. Nothing he does will ever get a fair shake at PFM (Along with this new one, the Make Believe ep was quite nice, better than the amazingly high for them 6.0 it recieved). If you could fill all these reviews with real critiques or some insight, then ok go for it. But this review demonstrates they have just run out of things to say about JOA.
Have you ever had a Tina Burrito? They are those little microwavable ones from the supermarket that cost 30 cents. I tried one once. I didnt like it. I tried another one. Didnt like it. Since i had already spent the dollar i went for the third. Nope, tasted horrible. So you know what? I don't eat Tina Burritos. I know people who love them, but i am not one. And more power to those who like them. Their taste buds are just attuned so that the can enjoy liquid chicken in a tortilla. It's just not for me. So come on PFM, you are never going to like anything Kinsella does, but just stop carring. He's is gonna keep making records, and people (admittedly a very small # of people) will buy them. Let it be and stop eating the burritos