Thursday, October 27, 2005

Earth / Living + Hex / Rating 4.9 / 8.2

PFM says:

"When one reads about Dylan Carlson and his Earth project, the signs point to him being an over-hyped amateur. Releasing albums consisting of repetitive riffs or tones with little or no drumming and being the former drug buddy of Kurt Cobain each register on my hack radar. Yet, over the years I've been pleasantly impressed with his minimalist sound sculptures-- none more so than on Hex, one of a pair of Earth releases this year."

I can't even dignify this review with a genuine response. In fact after I read the opening paragraph I stopped reading so I could type this. The over-hyped amateur comment proves who the real hack is here. Drug buddy of Kurt ? What a disgustingly trite throwaway jab. This isn't a Lemonheads song nor is it all Dylan should be remembered for.

Earth first formed in 1990, released its first record in 1991, and there was NOTHING around at the time to draw a comparison to beyond maybe the Melvins. Sorry but if it weren't for Earth labels like Southern Lord wouldn't exist or have a roster.

Ignorance is fucking bliss and is apparently trying to write reviews for Pitchfork.

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