Friday, September 30, 2005

Our gift to you.

It's night of rest here at TFM heasdquarters but that doesn't mean we aren't thinking of you kind reader. To celebrate you dedicated indie types I have a twist on our usual give-away contest. Not only do I have promo cds to share for free but if you win you will also be given a very special limited edition gift. An artist friend and I have collaberated to bring you the ultimate member of the indie rock community membership / thank you card. You will be able to pull this DIY card out in bar fights when random rockers questions just how hipster you really are. There will be a place to sign your name, show how long you have been keepin' it real, a space for the first record you ever bought, and a tuning fork chart to color your level of dedication to the cause. It's cool, we totally trust you to fill out the card honestly and follow the direction to cut said card out and seal with invisible tape to protect your indie identity proof for life yo. If you have won cds from us in the past and want a card, email me and I will mail you one! Writers I will also send you a card as well. Damn I forgot to mention that each card is hand numbered. We couldn't be pro- indie and not have some limited edition/ one of a kind angle!

The usual plan of attack is as follows. Be the first to leave a comment on this post and then email me at your name and mailing address. I will in turn mail you the cd of your choice as well as your super duper member of the indie community card.

Go team TFM!

1) Glen Hall / Lee Ranaldo / Wiliam Hooker - "Oasis of Whispers" - Alien8 Recordings ( paper sleeve CD-R AKA no art) WE HAVE A WINNER

2) Rosie Thomas - If Songs - Sub Pop - with art - Ex - Velour100 / folk pop stuff. WE HAVE A WINNER.

3) The Good Life - Album of the year - Saddle Creek- Promo edition with promo pseudo art. WE HAVE A WINNER.

4) Jackson and his Computer - Smash - Warp ( slip case sleeve promo )

5) Dawn Smithson - Safer Here - Kranky - I think its the final version which is a handsome bill fold sleeve. Come on people...Ex - Jessamine member! WE HAVE A WINNER

As always, please do not sell these free cds if you are a winner. All I ask is if you don't like the music that you kindly pass it along to a friend or enemy.

Thanks for reading!