Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Buffalo / The Last Beautiful Day / Rating 6.8

hockey, snow, and fox-trapping

All you folks who like the Morr record label will find New Buffalo the perfect hold over until the next Lali Puna or Ms. John Soda release comes out. The first track “Recovery” rivals even the best PSAPP songs but don’t be too disappointed when the rest of the cd drags its heels and trips into the finish line.

To put it mildly the PFM shout-outs to Cat Power, Air, and Postal Service don’t do “The Last Beautiful Day” justice, but whatever. One person will hear one thing, another person, something else; it all boils down to what the listener’s ears have been exposed to previously and good old fashioned opinion.

Either way the 6.8 rating (which I am learning can still mean a good or a bad review depending on the writer) in this case means it's almost two notches above just so-so. I guess this makes "The Last Beautiful Day" a pretty darn okay listen? I am nodding my head in agreement.

Hardcore twee followers, fragile indie-tronic devotees, and even you new “soul” fans in the tradition of Track and Field Organisation… this ones for you. It doesn't get more micro subgenre specific than that people...ha!

Don't worry, I worry me too.