Monday, September 05, 2005

Kate Bush Returns with New Album in November / Orenda Fink / Invisible Ones / Rating 6.8

From PFM :

Kate Bush Returns with New Album in November
Amy Phillips reports:
Heeeathcliff! It’s me, Kate Bush! I’ve come home! At long last, the mysterious, possibly magical, and probably mental singer-songwriter has emerged from hibernation, and will be unveiling a brand new double album, Aerial, on EMI records on November 7 in Europe and November 8 in America. Her first record since 1993’s The Red Shoes, it will be preceded by the single “King of the Mountain” on October 24. No further info is available right now, other than the knowledge that Bush produced the album herself, but we’ll keep you posted like a mailbox.

But why should I care about Kate Bush, asks you, Mr./Ms. Snarky Hipster? Well, other than the facts that she was often photographed in elaborate headdresses and knee-high boots, collaborated with Prince and pretty much invented Tori Amos, she also wrote some of the craziest, fiercest, scariest, loveliest, most delicate and whimsical music of the past three decades. And she’s been experiencing a renaissance of sorts lately: both the Futureheads and the Decemberists have covered her songs (“Hounds of Love” and “Wuthering Heights”, respectively), and that Gang Gang Dance album sure sounded a bit Bushy. So don’t front. You know you love her.

Kate Bush News & Information (Fansite):

Orenda Fink / Invisible Ones / Rating 6.8

You missed one

“If you're striving to restore faith in a world of "prophets, pimps, angels" and "whores," you gotta do better than Sarah McLachlan melodies and a rented Haitian choir. “

“The intrepid Invisible Ones exposes Azure Ray as less than the sum of its parts, though Fink's Björk-sized ambitions constantly grapple with her colorless adult-alt tendencies.”

“The gauche string arrangement on "Blind Asylum" hints at a sense of humor, but can only do so much in two minutes to counteract an album's worth of doom. “

“Sadly, subtle tidbits like this are about the closest Fink comes to liveliness.”

I am getting tired of this question. Why post such harsh remarks and still give the cd a 6.8??? I am willing to defend all the above statements from the PFM review but I fear not hell’s wrath. I would give this a 3 to represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Zing.

More importantly refer to the above article on Kate Bush which ran in PFM near or on the same day. I fear Kate Bush returning to the public eye will cause a flurry of second rate hacks only matched by the number of bands who have prayed for the spirit of Gang of Four to enter their bodies.

Oh yeah, while I am on the subject: Could we make this Gang Of Four remix thing the last GO4 related release / news story of this year. I swear I used to like this band but their music has been beaten to death with sound alike bands, reunion tours, reissues and now a remix.

I look forward to feeling the same way about Talking Heads in 2006.