Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's funny because it's true?

Caddy isn't just for golf anymore
Yes I know caddy when its not golf is spelled catty but its a damn fine play on words regardless.

"Make Believe Fight the Power
Kavitha Chekuru reports:
Sucks to be Nate Kinsella right now. This summer, the Joan of Arc / Make Believe (but aren't they really the same thing?) drummer was injured in a bicycle accident, resulting in the cancellation of Make Believe's two-month tour. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's now facing indecent exposure charges in Oklahoma, right when Make Believe are heading out on the road to generate excitement for their first full-length,Shock of Being, set to be released on October 4 (Flameshovel is putting out the CD, Polyvinyl the, uh, vinyl.) And it used to be that all these guys had to worry about was how Pitchfork was going to diss their latest record!"

Way to show your true colors PFM. That kind of comment isn't just unfunny, it shows just how shallow your review pool and writing staff really are.

There are high school papers with more mature journalism.