Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Snow patrol review 214.21/2158

Once again Pitchfork shows an uncanny ability to hide secret messages in thier reviews. The culprit this time is one "Marc Hogan". In his review of the new Snow Patrol comp album, he uses 387 words. I know what you are thinking, didnt St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, die in 387 a.d.? Of course he did. And where is Snow Patrol from? IRELAND! So let us find the deeper meaning here. Is Marc Hogan so bold as to suggest that Snow Patrol is the band to lead Ireland out of the Pagan wilderness of the current rock scene, and "convert" them to a more popular sound? Clearly he is. I find this argument flawed on many sides, the most obvious reason being that Snow Patrol is a servicable band with run of the mill craftmanship and shrugg-worthy lyrics. How dare Hogan try to pass this logic off on his readers. For shame Hogan!