Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Order : Waiting For The Sirens' Call : 7.9

“First and foremost, New Order is a pop band-- just ask Frente!-- and for them to try their hand at loud guitars and loud beats doesn't play to the group's strengths “

I feel dirty. I feel like the inventor of champagne was just compared to a no-name grape juice and then cursed for having bubbles. I don’t care what you think of New Order or their new record but such an obtuse blanket statement proves only surface knowledge of a groundbreaking band and or lazy journalism. If David Raposa thinks N.O. no longer cares to make groundbreaking music then I think somewhere a pot is calling a kettle black.

New Order said fuck you to playing the role of average pop in 1983 and if anything helped to redefine what pop could mean ever since. Is a band supposed to reinvent the wheel with each release or just make art as they see fit and necessary? I actually pity the bands that accidentally established themselves as one of the first of their kind because critics and fans assume this band owes them just that for life. Making art isn’t supposed to be a jail sentence is it ?
Other than that terrible Frente comment I once again humbly raise my hand to ask a question. Why after comment like “Waiting for the Sirens' Call-- is a continuation of the underwhelming competence of the band's previous album “ does this record still get a 7.9 ? That seems like a pretty ok score for a thumbs sideways review ? Talk about underwhelming competence.

I give this 3 out of a possible 5 sod offs.