Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mogwai review: 897.54/ 1000

I find Joe Tangari's review of the Mogwai album intensely fascinating. Particularly interesting is Tangari's use of hidden messages within the text of his review. If we examine the text we find that it contains 1026 unique words. The significance of that word count? Well Mahiipaala I, King of Nepal died in 1026 A.D. Obviously Tangari is making a not so subtle reference to the fact that the Mogwai live recordings demonstrate a mastery, or Kingship if you will, over their chosen genre, but like all mighty lords they will wither and die. This is an interesting accersion, especially considering their well received last album, Happy songs for happy people. But much like Mahiipaala I they have become to confident in their abilities, too sure that none will overthrow them. Could we be poised to see Tortoise rise up and murder the members of Mogwai? This is obviously what Tangari's review. Like i said, fascinating. I would give his writing a higher grade if only he hadnt made all of this so obvious.