Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bravery = STP?

David Raposa's review of The Bravery's "Honest Mistake" confuses the hell out of me.

"The Bravery hype is outpacing the actual output of the group," he wrote. As if that's a bad thing? Pitchfork exists to hype bands. They live for it. As long as it's hyping different bands than BBC, CNN and Rolling Stone, the site is happy with itself, I suppose. But The Bravery sound like The Killers (if the Killers had more balls and less O.C. in their blood) and thus are tossed into P-Fork's stack of bands that deserve to be pummelled.

(But hey, not every band can be influenced by Can, right?)

The site has its schtick, and it has to oppose anything that hints at commercial success. I get it. (But somehow they review maintream hip hop singles on a regular basis. Odd.) Cred is important. The cred brings in ad revenues.

I've seen The Bravery live--many times. I've heard the album. The Bravery are a great band. Maybe they'll be this decade's Gay Dad and will sound dated six months after the album was released. Why worry? Right now, they sound great. Just enjoy the music...if your indie cred will allow it.