Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pitchfork when drunk

I understand this is not the reason for this blog but this is a blog and I am now a member. Cest la vie.
Try reading Pitchfork when you are drunk and you will say things like - :ha ha you think you are so clever. but you are not - you sat around in front of your little monitor and thought what would be funny - c'mon be funny adn demeaning at the saem time....c',mon think think think finkle and einhorn finkle and einhorn - go home pitchfork you're drunk on high society. the only way to write good reviews is to live them. if you want to sell records then you listen to them for 30 seconds adn you know - this is hot put it on the feature shelf. but if you want to write a review about it then you have to live with it. let it search your persona. if you dig then rate high, if you send to the bush league then rate low. i tend to trust pitchfork reviews if the record has been around more than a day - but then there is no telling when the writer got a jold of it (that's a soft j by the way). i am going to go watch Band of Brothers on DVD cause we just got that shit in used at the store and I want to fall asleep to the sound of preserved freedom. Pitchfork just know that I value you opinion but know that I will rip into the very heart of an organization when business supercedes culture. Suicide Girls are driving me nuts - cannot think with half naked scensters staring at me. I am not against naked chicks but there is a time and a place. Godspeed all who desire a safe destiny for humanity.

- I just read Pitchfork when I asexual?