Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Louis XIV - shitty shitty bang bang

I don't care that they reviewed the Louis XIV record and it received a 1.2 from Pitchfork because the record is actually easy to fake fun of and it is not appauling to listen. Which makes it even better because then you can listen to it and make fun of it at the same time. So we listen to it and readily make cracks at it, imitating the lead singer, or singing it's stolen riffs. However, the Pitchfork review is not funny. I think that it tries and probably read slightly funnier if you use voices but the content is incredibly juvenile. Now the only thing that could possibly make this acceptable would be that the writer, Mr. Nick was thinking I am going to put as much time into my review as they put into their songs, and that's all they deserve. End result is a stupid shitty review which is not funny. My entire staff read it and not one of them laughed while reading... and I've got some funny people that work for me. One of my employees who is of the high school persuasion read it and said "I wish I was in Louis XIV."