Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Somehow my mix cd turned into a double disc but needless to say it is finally finished.

If you sent me a mix or a blank cdr already don't sweat it, I will include the second disc for you too.

For those of you who have already forgotten, I made a mix of all the stuff I have been listening to lately(see the subect title and the post about my favorites of 2006 so far) and you can either trade me a mix of your own for mine (doesn't have to be a double disc) or send me 2 blank cdrs to the PO box listed at the top left of this page.

I know it is old fashioned but I love a mix that comes with home spun art that I can actually hold in my hand (once upon a time tapes) and I love sending stuff via the post so sorry this isn't some i-pod thingy.

I'm just not that kind of girl.

Your number one pen pal,
Pitch Perfect