Friday, June 30, 2006

Hell on Wheels

In the place of something remotely clever or Pitchfork related is one tired and very shaken Pitch Perfect. I am relieved to have made it home in one piece and at this point my priority number one is to go to bed. Dialing 911 twice in one night really takes a lot out of a girl.

The evening began with a leisure car u-turning at top speed Dukes of Hazzard style on a two lane highway for what I can only guess was an incredible determination to not miss his exit. Facing traffic head on was apparently not an issue to this stunt driver. No one was hurt but seriously, what the hell?

Playing in my car at the time was The Telescopes cd As Approved by the Committee.

911 # 1

My return trip home began with a Jeep stopped at a light in front of me suddenly throwing their car in reverse and smashing into my car. There was minor bumper damage done to my car, no one was hurt but what was more infuriating was the elder drunk driver calling me Dear and his male friend / co-worker pulling up to the accident and making fun of me for taking down all the insurance information because I am a woman over reacting to a few little scratches which are in fact deep scrapes no less inflicted by a man who has no business being behind the wheel of a vehicle. The police took over 45 minutes to respond so needless to say by the time they called us back looking for the accident, both cars were long gone. I should also mention while this was all going on a car full of men drove by and shouted at me something about not being bad looking for a white girl. Um, thanks.

Playing in my car at the time was the Luiz Eca - Y La Familia Sagrada cd.

911 # 2

Not more than 10 minutes later, now on the highway returning back home, we (me and my fella) watched a car pinball bounce at light speed against the right guardrail twice only to shoot across all three lanes of traffic to the cement divide and scrape against it. We pulled over, dialed 911 looked to the left where the car was stopped to view in horror that A) there appeared to be a violent altercation happening inside the car (we only saw the passenger’s back as he faced the driver and flailed his hands in either panic or rage and B) that the car decided to remain in motion and head towards us, across the three lanes of traffic again. We sped off fearing for our lives and headed towards to the nearest exit because the last thing I wanted to do was share the road with this car no less be hit directly by it. Somehow our 911 call was dropped (stupid cell phones) so we have no idea how this story ends other than us eventually getting back on the road again. We never saw the car again or any sign of police activity so I can’t tell you anything more than that was a terrifying and surreal experience.

The final leg of our journey was a little less dramatic but watching a fresh massive deer carcass be struck by multiple cars offered the kind of blood and guts vision I really really really didn’t need to see.

We drove home in silence listening to Som Imaginario’s – S/T cd and that leads us safely to the here and now.

It is nearly 3 AM and I need to step away from my computer and crawl into bed. I don’t have a review in me tonight. I am very sorry…but at least now you know why.