Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Looking back at 2006 Part Two

It wouldn't be right to call these my favorite records of 2006 because we still have the second half of the year to bump these record from my list BUT these are the records I've gone back to and listen to the most.

So far so good:

Envelopes - Demon - Brille ( will make my end of year top 10)

Broadcast - The Future Crayon - Warp (collection out I think in August)

Figurines - Skeleton - The Control Group

Love Is All - Nine Times The Same Song - Whats Your Rupture

Animal Collective - Grass EP - FatCat

The Ladies - They Mean Us - Temporary Residence

Scott Walker - The Drift - 4AD

Liars - The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack EP (especially the Single Mix)

Aereogramme - Seclusion - Sonic Unyon

Jesu - Silver EP - Hydra Head

Serena-Maneesh- S/T - Beggars Group / PLayLoudRecordings

Jose Gonzalez - Veneer - Mute

(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope - Night and Day

With so few records really winning me over this year I have spent a great amount of time with my record collection (as well as my friends') and rediscovering old favorites as well as checking out a few reissues; not all of which have come out this year but it has taken me that long to get back to them.


Bridget St. John - The reissues in Cherry Red Records (Beth Orton who?)

The Field Mice - the reissues on LTM

Anything Pale Saints

Anything AC Temple ( I'll be damned if I can find a good link to this band)

The 80's - 90's twee / shoegaze / or other goodness of : Meat Whiplash, Talulah Gosh, Marine Research, Slaughter Joe, Lorelei, The Wolfhounds, Orchids, Television Personalities, Veronica Lake, The Servants, The Weather Prophets, The Loft, Lovelies, Basement 5, A Witness, and The Clean

I was kinda sorta thinking if anybody wants a mixed cd of some of this older stuff I would be glad to trade a mix for a mix. Or you can send me a blank cdr and I will make you a little somethin' somethin'. Email me if you are interested or just mail me a cdr - email and PO Box are listed at the top left of this page.