Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Smog / Rock Bottom Riser EP / Rating: 7.4

“Callahan's songs feel worn-in and effortless; his voice coasting across guitars so languid they sound wet, and his focus has turned from damnation to redemption.”

It is such a genuine pleasure to say Pitchfork’s Smog review has not one paragraph, not even one sentence I care to argue about. In fact this means I don’t have to dedicate more than a few more minutes towards this post and I now have the free time to read a few chapters in "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle".

Thanks PFM!

My only question is if the review reads as positive as I think it does, why the slightly above average rating of 7.4? The Smog fan of more than 15 years in me loves Rock Bottom Riser more most of the music Bill C. has produced over the past 9 years and the short attention span adult / single ( 7”ers especially) obsessed record collector in me is pleased as punch*. With a statement that grand comes a grand rating of an 8.4.

* I like trivia (shocking I know) so I looked up the history of the phrase pleased as punch. The slap-stick puppet play of Punch and Judy + alliteration = classic British slang and some cultural experts say P and J inspired the violent humor found in modern day cartoons.