Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Lovely Feathers / Hind Hind Legs / Rating: 7.6

"The Lovely Feathers seem poised for success: They hail from the buzzing indie beehive of Montreal; they're labelmates with Islands on the newly formed Equator Records; hell, they even have a name derived from the animal kingdom and Marcel Dzama-esque illustrations on their album sleeve. But it isn't merely the contemporary cred signifiers that make Lovely Feathers a potential hype band; it's the music.”

Hypothetically speaking: F Canada. F Islands. F indie rock’s obsession with bird and animal names. If we are going to talk music or rather idea of quality music than F The Lovely Feathers and definitely F Pitchfork’s review too.

Sub par bands, even if they are poised to move onto something better next time around do not deserve a 7.6 rating and if you have listened to more than 100 records in your lifetime, you too would hear this record and think maybe a 5. Maybe.

Jangle-funk taking on the identity of a third rate Make-Up minus more than a few IQ points hardly deserves the time for a review. Wacky whiney over dramatic pseudo post punk certainly doesn’t warrant your hard earned dollars or earn the privilege of taking up space in your iTunes library or cd shelf.

If you don’t value your time or money then go ahead, splurge.

Sorry to be so harsh but I am a busy woman who hates to have my time wasted with yet another mediocre record. I want the best for my friends and friends let me tell you… The Lovely Feathers are not it. In fact the best thing I heard all day was the Nacho Libre soundtrack (just watched the movie) and ironically it doesn’t seem to be available on cd.

Wikipedia however does have some hot gossip on the story behind the music in this film. Danny Elfman verse Beck? Yeah you want to read this and while the movie itself isn’t so genius, the music is. Apparently for now at least you won’t be able to hear it any other way other than seeing Nacho Libre for yourself.

Use the money you saved from not buying The Lovely Feathers cd and treat yourself to a movie ticket.