Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Amy Millan / Honey From the Tombs / Rating: 5.9

“Without the grit to make her twanging strums stick, Millan merely regurgitates country-folk's most obvious characteristics.”

Déjà vu. Weren’t we just talking about Canada or something? At least Pitchfork got the review AND rating right this time. I know some of you might be tempted to check out the record because you are a Broken Social Scene or Stars fan plus she does look pretty darn cute on the cover...but everything the PFM review said is true so the moral of the story is stay clear of this record.

The only thing I care to add to “second-rate whiskey'n'tears-fueled backwoods banalities” is that they neglected to mention Honey From The Tombs is not available domestically in the U.S. yet; in fact it doesn’t hit our streets until August 22nd.

From time to time Pitchfork reviews imports which is fine considering how the whole www. thing works but is it really so difficult to add the word IMPORT and what country it’s from between the label / year of release and the rating?

Amy Millan
Honey From the Tombs
[Arts & Crafts; 2006]
Import; Canada
Rating: 5.9

Now that wasn’t hard at all.