Monday, June 06, 2005

White Stripes / Get Behind Me Satan / Rating 7.3

New record shnew record.

I call "bold and bewildering" Jack White's very recent marriage to model Karen Elson in the Amazon basin(Brazil) by a Shaman priest followed by a blessing of a Catholic priest and then the band's website claiming it is Jack's first marriage. ( umm, and why is he holding some sort of crocodile in all the new "wedding" pictures on the boat????)

Oh right... Meg is his sister. Does anybody really believe that crap still?

There are too many ways to pick on the White Stripes so I will just stop here. Ok ok...maybe one last thing: I think all of the press photos used by different news groups from around the world might make him look more insane than Michael Jackson.

Ok....just one more...please?

I wonder how many weeks it will be before a porno takes on the White Stripes title "Get Behind Me Satan" ? What do I know, maybe there is one out there already.

All kidding aside it breaks my heart that this where the band which brought us two brilliant records like their debut self titled and De Stijil have landed. They are one step closer to being Edward Scissorhands in a circus sideshow then the odd but well dressed super musical duo from Detroit. Ahh, the old days. I miss em'.

ps: Its nice to see Meg lose the pigtails and move towards looking more like a Loretta Lynn hair model. The bigger the hair, the closer to god.