Friday, June 10, 2005

Coldplay = good even if you don't like them

Coldplay is easy to hate. That's the law of mass appeal.

That being said, I would now like to say that if all Coldplay wants to do in their time off is listen to Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees then fucking let them. Pitchfork writers now write the review before they hear the CD and you know why that is so apparent? Because they trash so much shit. Before they were big and almighty they didn't trash nearly as much shit but now that they know everyone is reading it becomes fun to bad mouth. My friends this is what money does to you - when you have none it's about the struggle and the passion, but when it's around your too busy spending. I guarantee Pitchfork is too busy lining up it's new festival than listening to new music. Cest' la vie [long time sayer, first time speller]

p.s. i will try and attend Pitchfork's festival - the summer of no rules is in full effect. Shizah!