Sunday, June 19, 2005

Not exactly Pitchfork related but they like this band too:

Things I thought about during and after the Architecture in Helsinki live performance :

1. How lame is my hometown that I had to drive almost three hours outside of it to see AIH play?

2. Thanks to America’s school system cutting out most music departments, the next generation of children in the U.S.A will never step foot near instruments like the trumpet, trombone, or clarinet. A band like this will be a dying breed.

3. In a tug of war would Broken Social Scene or AIH win?

4. Why wasn’t Huggy Bear, Heavenly, Sons and Daughters or Animal Collective this engaging live?

5. How can a band from Australia with 8 members afford to fly all of its members to the U.S., rent a van and tour the whole country with a trailer in tow? ( I later learned that like much of the rest of the world, their country cares about the arts and offers grants to bands and other creative types which in turn affords them the chance to travel far and wide. The band was horrified to discover that the American government does not extend the same financial help to its musicians and suddenly realized why more bands from the states don’t tour down under. Lucky for us (Americans) Australians can be given grants to put on things like festivals whose budget can include flying in talent from around the world.)

6. Speaking of 8 band members, how do 8 people fit comfortably in a van for weeks at a time and remain so damn posi on stage each night?

7. A band with so may distinct personalities on stage at one time rival Jaga Jazzist and are equally as captivating live. ( You need to see J.J. play live too !)

8. The band from stage told the crowd that a fan asked them a few nights ago what language Australians speak. God help our country and its people.

9. Their charming school band gone bad-ass performance made me wish I didn’t give up the flute in 7th grade.

10. A Brian Ferry cover ended their set and love isn’t a drug, its these 8 kids playing curiously fantastic skewed pop songs that I am utterly addicted to now. This band is totally worth a 3 or a 10 hour hour drive.

You don't have to buy their records or download if that’s how you roll but please please please do see Architecture in Helsinki play live.