Saturday, June 18, 2005

Thrones / Day Late, Dollar Short / Rating 5.8

“Thrones pursue sonic texture rather than a catchy hook”

C. Byrom have you ever heard a Thrones cd before or seen Joe play live??? After reading your review my guess can only be no. The above quote taken from your review should be the very thing you hang up your career in reviewing metal with. Seriously why review things you don’t seem to know ANYTHING about. A hook ? Are you really looking for a hook? That’s like looking for a vagina at a Madonna-thon gay pride parade after party.

Joe Preston is one of the few men I know who can wear an orange jump suit with his hair in braids while selling a promotional beard on a stick and still have an aura of cool. His one of a kind approach to making music takes almost as much guts as it does to over analyze a release by a dude you probably just learned about from a friend who brought you to a High On Fire show.

"Day Late,Dollar Short" should actually be the name of Byrom's Pitchfork review.

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