Monday, June 27, 2005

Art Brut / Bang Bang Rock & Roll / Rating 8.9

Is the state of music today so pathetic that we need to call Art Brut “refreshing”? Are they really “the most punk band” we have heard in years? I will leave that argument to the letters section of Maximum Rock and Roll and Punk Planet but just to offer you my own silly idea of what punk is, I consider Medulla by Bjork pretty damn punk and anti-mainstream.


Certain bands must have a dog-like whistle that only certain people can hear because I can’t pick out the quality and worth hidden behind Bang Bang Rock & Roll. This might be the very same invisible awesomeness fans of The Offspring or The Hold Steady celebrate but I do not. I don’t hate them but at the same time I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to a full record by them either. Their humor and charm is totally lost on me and with each Art Brut song mocking a different band in lo-fi demo form, it befuddles me even more. Aren’t there are hundreds of “punk” bands just like them clogging the stage of a high school talent show right now?

Call me paranoid but I feel like when Pitchfork embraces a record this silly its like a test to see just how gullable the readers are. Do yourself a favor and listen to some MP3s before you consider buying this cd.

Until something better comes along I will turn to Born Against when I need to quench my 1-2-fuck-you thirst.

PS: After reviewing pictures of the band they appear to be snappy dressers so maybe that’s selling point to all those looking to add a few more sassy lads and lassies to their Anglophile music collection.