Saturday, June 25, 2005

Orthrelm / OV / Rating 8.5

“In any case, isn't minimalism is supposed to be dead?”

Hooray, another metal review and clearly one that wasn’t proofread.

Its sorta cute actually. Metal is the music underdog, the little genre that could and the good(?) people at Pitchfork are doing their part to bring it to the elite masses. The only problem is finding a reader who actually trusts Pitchfork enough to buy a release based on a review of a style of music they don’t excel in writing about.

Who would you trust to talk about metal seriously: the kid in the Judas Priest shirt he bought at the show last night (which replaced the Junior Boys shirt he had on the day before) or the dude in the faded Slayer shirt circa 1985 who got so drunk at that show he doesn’t even remember it or how he ended up with a shirt? Not to say that the staff of something like Metal Maniacs reflects the latter but I have to say true metal fans have a more trusted source for reviews than the moody trainspotters at Bitchfork.