Saturday, June 18, 2005

Red Sparowes / At the Soundless Dawn / Rating 5.9

Hmm, which is more insulting?

“Red Sparowes treat their genre like a menial internship”


“Not surprisingly in a genre premised on stylistic choices that bear almost universally negative connotations, instrumental post-rockers lead a pretty thankless existence. Their music is slow, humorless, and uneventful.”


how about the fact that this cd came out at the end of February?

Why Sam Ubl do you have to be such a hater and like 4 months after the fact? I can think of a bunch of people who might want to kick your ass for such blind commentary on a record which for months now has actually been given exceptionally positive press. Unless other bands like God Speed and MBV also make you gag I can only wonder why you bothered to review this cd at all.

Its almost as if Sam was looking for an excuse to smack post-rock on the nose with a cyber paper and the Red Sparowes cd happened to be the band on the top of his promo pile. (Actually on the bottom since it took him so damn long to write about it)If you want to punish a band for shitting on your audio carpet lets consider 1/3 of the Chicago snore-core scene whose artwork and packaging continues to outdo the music itself.

"Slow, humorless, and uneventful”...I can think of a review or two this could apply to as well.