Monday, July 18, 2005

Suicidal Woman Kills 3

We hear or read titles like this in the news every day but rarely do you expect to know a person involved.

Last Thursday in a Northern suburb of Chicago a 23 year old woman wanting to "end it all" drove her speeding car directly into another vehicle stopped at a red light. Her suicide attempt failed but she did manage to kill all three people inside the other car.

The deceased are:

Michael Dahlquist, 39 ( drummer of Silkworm)
John Glick, 35 (guitarist and singer with The Returnables)
Douglas Meis, 29 (drumer in The Dials)

I am saddened to type any of this but it’s especially difficult when I have lost a friend among such a tragedy. Knowing Michael Dahlquist as a person was an honor and the music he has left behind is better than remarkable. Among many other things, I will forever remember him for being the one drummer who hit his kit so damn hard that I actually feared standing too close to him when he played. I recall genuine fear and awe as shards of wood splintered off from his sticks traveling like bullets into the crowd song after song.

God damn that man could decimate a kit and it’s an unbelievable shame to have to say good-bye.

I am having a hard time finding a more recent update but here is what I found on the Silkworm message board. ( )

“There will be an informal get together at Electrical Audio ( on Monday starting around 6:30. Everyone is welcome to bring drinks and/or food, and of course everyone is welcome, period.”

I will post more info as I get it.

An amazing memorial from Steve Albini on MD can be found here :