Thursday, July 07, 2005

M83/ Don't Save Us From the Flames + Teen Angst 12"/ Rating 6.5 / 6.0

A) "Don’t Save Us From the Flames": The dynamic swing between soaring melodic sirens and muffled cries was chilling to begin with but the lyrics might be what really pushes this song to a new level of intensity and insanity.

tina! tina! tina! tina!
out of the flames
a piece of brain in my hair
the wheels are melting
a ghost is screaming your name
tina! tina!
bleeding all around
liquid metal through my veins
the radio's burning
a ghost is screaming your name
tina! tina! tina! tina!

This would have been the perfect song for the scene in Wild At Heart when Sailor and Lulu stumble across Sherilyn Fenn wandering in a bloody haze after her carwreck.

B) "Until the Night is Over": sounds like Air at their most catatonic plus this is a perfectly timed choice as we approach the domestic reissue of M83’s first release via Mute which features a different version of this song.

C) Kompakt’s Superpitcher remix: Ever wonder how a song takes shape? In the mixing process one track is opened to tweak and fine tune carefully. A channel at a time is then slowly added one after another, layering what will ultimately become a finished song. The problem is I don’t feel like Superpitcher ever finished mixing this song. Naked parts overlapping with the subtlety of a ghost trapped on wax is in theory is interesting but fails to haunt . This entire remix moves at the pace of molasses which fits the morbid theme of this song nicely but never reaches an apex I found satisfying enough to return to for future spins.

D) Boom Bip – Delicate, with beats and chimes (or something closer to bells) Boom Bip has this habit of sounding like something amazing is about to happen next but it rarely does. I have been aching to hear something as striking as U R Here from the Lex comp but I’m afraid this isn’t it.

A) "Teen Angst": Running at top speed with helium balloons; if this song was a Rorschach test this is what I would respond with. Ethereal energy sounds like a new power drink but this is actually the general mood of what could easily replace the most brooding Smashing Pumpkin’s teen anthem. If I ever have the chance to score an indie music based workout video this would be my number one choice for the expert level calorie-burning climax.

B) The buzz can’t last forever. Cool down with “Addicted to Self Mutilation” Shake it out. That’s right breathe in deeply, hold it…now blow out. That’s right. This feels like less of a song and more like an exercise in fuzz and mid tempo. This is an acceptable release after the driving build of Teen Angst but on its own escapes me. Please note: The repetitive strobe-like vocals may trigger a seizure so consider yourself doubly warned.

C) Indietronica Gods Postal Service couldn’t have delivered a more charming pop mix of "Teen Angst". Montag keeps it short and to the point but packs enough punch to make this perhaps the strongest remix of the bunch. I wouldn’t call this quite dance floor material but well dressed 20 somethings with hair in their eyes can hold hands under the table and tap their feet in unison.

The A side singles are worthy of nearly a perfect 10 so if you are a singles collector what the heck are you waiting for? Each A side lead single is the true meat but if you are looking for a little extra spice I am going to disagree with the PFM review. Teen Angst will offer you a tastier indulgence.