Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Concretes / Layourbattleaxedown / Rating 7.3

Chalky candy hearts.

Sugar gone bland but with words that I suppose to some sap out there means something (I am gagging here) special. If you can imagine it, the Concretes are as close as music can get to this... not unpleasant but not wholly delightful either.

Seriously, I don’t think any less energy could be put into the act of singing. Melody drools out and collects into stagnant pools. Pitch is a general idea but not well practiced. Even the music on “Layourbattleaxedown” lacks vitality and passion. As a whole it translates into a band that sounds bored with themselves. I could say the same about their older releases too but there were always at least a few songs that made the tortoise-paced approach to pop bearable. The problem with this rarities collection is it takes their biggest flaw, the dragging woozy carousel aspect of the band, and repeats it mercilessly. Darling female vocals, lazy twee, these are all things I loved bands like The Sundays for but The Concretes don’t earn a spot in the same candy store.

I blame the Target ad campaign featuring the Concretes music for brainwashing the world into thinking this collection of yawns needed to happen. PFM must be softening up because I wouldn’t dream of giving this cd more than 3 or 4 candy hearts out of a possible 10.

Ps: The Sundays’ version of Wild Horses is worth tracking down and I find a way more interesting tribute to the Rolling Stones.