Thursday, July 07, 2005

Doris Henson / Give Me All Your Money / 6.7

Once upon a mid 90’s there was this astonishing band from Kansas called Giants Chair. The Get Up Kids, Boys Life, and Vitreous Humor were all damn fine but Giants Chair was my favorite, especially live. Their record art was always impeccable (Factory Records meets TeenBeat) and in a wave of bands inspired by the guitar mastery of Rick Froberg, John Reis, Fugazi, Karate and Failure; Giants Chair humbly lead the Midwest pack. What feels like a million later, GC bass player Byron Column has reemerged in a new band called Doris Henson.

It's not an insult to call a band commercially 100x more accessible and “Give Me All Your Money” is I suppose just that. Safe, interesting, mildly catchy…these are all okay qualities in a rock band but not enough great ones to recommend it highly to others. The PFM review is surprisingly kind to what I consider to be an incredibly average release.

They have one hell of an opening slot touring w/ Billy Corgan this summer so perhaps their live show captures a little more of their energy and vitality.

Tour dates are here :