Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SO HAPPY TOGETHER : I heart these records

Something old : Generation X, The Gories, The Moving Sidwalks, Drive Like Jehu, Betty Davis (1st lp), Garden Variety, Ike&Tina Turner “ Workin’ Together”, and Karp

Something new:

Mass Shivers “S/T”


Band Of Bees “Free the Bees”

Rahim “ Jungles”

Darkest Hour “Undoing Ruin”

The Most Serene Republic “ Underwater Cinematographer”

Witchcraft “Firewood”

Isis - live lp 9.23.03

Cage - “Hell’s Winter” 10”

Fear Before the March of Flames “Art Damage”

The End of the World “S/T” ( I can’t find a working link: HELP!!! )

Something borrowed: Zombies Box

Something blue: Bonny/Sweeney “ I gave you” EP