Saturday, July 30, 2005

Nothing to do with Pitchforkmedia, at least not yet.

My what if game:

What if Sunny Day had written “Diary” closer to their thirties?
What if The Doves came from the Midwest?
What if Dave Grohl had an evil twin in the underground?
What if Shiner reached perfection in an afterlife?

I have found one possible answer to all of the questions above: The Life and Times “Suburban Hymns” on Desoto Records.

I have also found my favorite release of the year. I won’t even say favorite release of the year so far because this is it. Period. I have reached an official apex for 2005.

There is 41 minutes of skyscraper drones and volcanic kick/snare combinations that punch holes of light into vocals so bleak they sound buried alive.

The production by J.Robbins and Paul Malinowski should earn them a lap dance by Steve Albini.

Each song connects tightly to the next like floors in a 10 story building and not one deserves to be skipped.

Less talk more rock. The music will speak for itself here:

Band site :

I have no idea if PFM will ever review this but I wanted to pass along a new personal favorite while it was still fresh to my ears. In fact I am such a zealot for "Suburban Hymns" that I am typing this at 4 am after a long car ride back home.

Over and out.