Friday, February 24, 2006

Record Store file no. 988

My friend Drew who works at a local record store called Plan 9 was kind enough to allow me to share this better than awesome story.

If all goes well I hope to post other tales from the world of music retail so if you have one, please email us!


Older black lady selling VHS with this very sketchy dude with her:

Her: (((after staring for a few seconds))) WOW! I LOVE your hair.
Me: Thanks!
Her: No! I really love it. It's so nice. REAL nice.

(((my manager is looking at her stuff - I'm pricing records)))

She sits on the floor in front of the counter.

Her: What's your name? Michael?
Me: No. Drew. (please note Michale is the name of her sketchy friend)
Her: Ohhhh. Drew - your hair is sexy. I'm serious - don't ever cut it.
Me: Thanks - don't worry - I'm not planning on it.
Sketchy dude: Mumbles something I can't here - ends with shut up.
Her: (((whispering loudly))) HEY! PSST! DREW!
Me: Umm. Yeah.
Her: If you ever want someone to dance with CALL ME!
Sketchy dude: (((mumbling))) something that ends with FOR REAL!
Her: You ain't my boyfriend! Shooooooot.

In her bag underneath all of the videos is a vibrator. So glad I didn't look through her videos.

Just another day at the record store.

All of this is true - believe me, I don't have the time to make this up.